Top Tips for International Transactions

Many competition horse owners look to the Europe and further afield for the most attractive prospects to buy and sell horses.

Transacting overseas carries a higher legal risk than domestically. Here are our tips to put yourself in the strongest possible position:-

  1. Insist on a clause in your contract which provides that any disputes will be governed by the laws of your country and that any disputes will also be heard in the Courts of your country. This avoids you having to navigate a foreign legal system, and possibly attend a trial abroad, in the event of a dispute.
  2. With a longer and riskier shipping process than usual, agree specifically the moment when risk for injury to or death of the horse will pass from buyer to seller- will it be on payment, on collection or delivery?
  3. Ensure that you are familiar with any health or regulatory restrictions on movement of equines which may delay or disrupt the transaction.

Call us today if you wish to discuss how to protect your interests in any prospective transaction.

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