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Practice Areas

Equine Disputes

We represent clients in all manner of disputes, including:

– Disputes following sale, including breach of contract and misrepresentation;

– Disputes concerning lease or loan agreements including securing the safe return of horses;

– Disputes about ownership of horses;

– Disputes regarding damage caused to or by horses;

– Disputes concerning defective equipment, tack or transport;

– Disputes regarding training, production and other professional services;

– Disputes concerning breeding;

– Disputes with insurers regarding coverage or the proper valuation of horses and equipment.

Equine Agreements, Contracts & Terms

We specialise in drafting bespoke contracts and standard terms. We often draft agreements and terms in the following areas:

– Agreements for sale (seller and buyer side);

– Agreements for loan;

– Agreements for lease;

– Breeding agreements;

– Training and production agreements;

– Agreements for livery.

Investigations, Appeals and Disciplinary Procedures

We prepare written submissions for and represent clients at hearings for investigations and appeals from grass roots competitions up to and including major international sporting events.

Seminars, Lectures and Training

We provide bespoke workshops, seminars and lectures tailored to meet your requirements. Presentations which we have given previously include:

– How to protect yourself when buying or selling horses;

– What to agree when loaning a horse;

–  Legal risks involved with breeding.

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